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2Chainz, Kendrick Lamar - "Momma I HIT A LICK", "I Said Me"

How do you spell "Sick, or - Major" in your native tongue or dialect?  How about  "2 C H A I N Z..." , "Rap or Go to the League", - his 5th studio album fresh off the knobs and an absolute masterpiece for right here, right now Grammy level Trap music!

In an Edgar Allen Poe, Jay Z, classic 2 Chainz, hard knock, Mike Will sick sort of contorted, majorly intentional type of way, Tauheed Epps brings "all his talents to South Beach" in a Lebron James, A & R'd superstar studded roundtable of swag, southern tip hot sauce and everything else in between. - Call your local Fire Department, this boy "Fueggo"!! 

As two MAIN features from the March 1 public release, Epps knocks down all the money balls with both "Momma I hit a Lick" and "I said me", a chopped, screwed and prolific rendition of the classic hood tale "Dead Presidents" by Jay Z and "Respect the Game", the recent full street elegant montage done by Mr. Meek Milly!

And as if not DEAD LETHAL enough on his own, Kendrick Lamar shares the spotlight with Chainz on Momma I HIT A LICK on a bossy, stupid creative, 808 heavy MONSTER produced by the one and only Mr. Pharrell Williams himself!

" Yea, yo yo yo, I got plenty of this S$**, I got plenty in my bag, I got plenty in my holster, plenty of amo..., big long like,you know what I'm saying,... but Im really... my kids be listening to my S$** man, I be having to dumb that S$** down"... The Silently "confident", yet intentionally humble intro to "I said me. - You know how 2 Chainz does it!!!!

Additional to the big narrative of this album, it was also said that Kanye West was also supposed to be on Momma I hit a lick. Chainz said he originally presented the work to Ye' who anxiously said "oh you trying make me rap again!", and immediately started rapping to the beat but then later opted out. Chainz said he simply left it at that and said he moved on without it.

Its a new month, much is in store for the month of March, get your mind straight with 2Chainz 5th studio album "Rap or Go to the League"! - The deep Southern's sauciest, - its the Mile High Lemon Pepper and the Cajun fries in the bag!!!!  


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