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Air Jordan 6 "OP-162", Duty Calls! - MLB Athlete Only Release

The perks of being a professional athlete!!!! - All the fans, ALL the love, all the "Special Deliveries"!!! - We need a VIP pass like yesterday!!!!

Jordan and Nike hits one out the park with the new Air Jordan 6 "OP-162!! A special release prepped and propped for the entire Major League Baseball division, Jordan stacks the new 6, a one off bomber jacket and even a matching hoody in the wild OP-162 pack!  

Served in an all metal military jacket and properly tucked away behind all the Jordan Brand tag marks, the new 6 exhibits an all canvas overlay and an even more attractive camo sole with accents!! No further information has been given as to whether the commoners will get a shot at owning a pair but what a drop for the boys swinging the big wood!!

Congrats to the diamond boys and we wont mind if you wanna throw us a few crumbs from the dugout!!


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