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Billionaire Boys Club X Pharell Williams Special Edition Wealth Crate

If you're a fashion hearted, die hard streetwear collector or general stakeholder, Billionaire Boys Club and #PharrellWilliams aren't foreign to your closet or your current overall high streetwear retail conscience!! 

Introducing the special edition Billionaire Boys Club fashion crate! Designed as a true collectors design token or a supreme laundry destination for all your fresh duckies, the #BBC wealth create flexes all the BBC branding trimmings and a one off "Wealth is of the mind not the pocket book" quote that reigns over the top half!!

Joining the marketing exhibition is the official BBC astronaut and the BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB staple laced across the sides!!

The special edition crates are scheduled to drop April 4, 2019 and will be sold for 100.00US!!

So stack a few in the in the big tv room, the mancave or strategically place 2 or 3 at the front door of the condo for all your golden "Air" collectibles! Always splashy to be both different and fashionably ahead of the curve when company comes over!

Be on the lookout for the full BBC new line that will be available on their official website in about a week or two as well! - And Pharell, we see you boi'! Keep creating that fly dope BBC sh#t $!! 


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