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Burberry Train Ticket UK Wallet - New Release

Excuse me sir, did you drop your train ticket!? Wait - that's not a train ticket, that's your WALLET!!!

Burberry pushes the envelope this month with the innovative release of the one of a kind Burberry "UK Train Ticket Wallet!"!

As a side push straight line contributive to Riccardo Tisci's "B Series" accessories, the "Train Ticket" slides out  of your favorite "lower halves" in a full calfskin body, high orange in color with the full paper printed "Train Ticket" laid across the outer body!!! 

The BKTT wallet is a a bi fold unit and exhibits a clean 8 card slots and 4 note slides. Additionally the classic Burberry tags can be found pressed immediately inside as well as freely scattered on the outside!

The new Burberry unit gets you for about 355US and can be found in any of the sexy Burberry trenches. Official drop was only three days ago so you still have time to beat the early stampede so hold your breath killa!!

All Aboard!!!!!!???   


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