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DABABY - "KIRK" New Music Release, Crank the Pods Up

We thought you'd never ask.....!!!!!!!!  [Intro] Hah, Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh)

She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah) I just signed a deal, I'm on Yeah, yeah... I GO WHERE I WANT, I'm good (Good) Play if you want, LETS DO IT (Ha) I'm a young CEO, SUGE (Yeah) Yeah, yeah

His name. - DABABY, his alias: "Bounce", "The Process", "The Hype" and the full North Carolina thick "Proof in the pudding".... - "Im a young CEO, SUGE, (Yeah) YEA YEA!!!! You know the hook very well. Artfully lined up with the new age likes of Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby, The Migos and the light shadow "Queen B" Cardi B, DABABY lands firmly on the airstrip of modern day "SICKHOP".

His memoirs, full of mind jarring bars, His bravado even more full of a kid absolutely unconcerned about what "the people think"!   

And the result..!!, much like his Radio hit, SUGE - "It's good"!!! With just a few short days and "baby" steps onto the upper echelon of the Billboard charts, DABABY is likely to stay right near the top row! - Not only for his popsicle "pop" shock value but for a cadence,  overall sound pattern and style that's easily addicting and even more so well deserving!   What picks should you go for? They all hit the spot in some variant  but if you want the headliners first, “Bop,” “Vibez,” and “Pop Star.” are probably gonna rock the boat the most!!! "Prolly Heard" and "Toes" are equally intoxicating. 

With thick southern flutes that sound like shiny pythons rising from highly artistic pottery and short 808 patterns that keep the vibe sensually exciting, "Kirk" will get you anywhere you need to go as fast or as slow as you want to!!!!  

What do we think!!?..  A few direct sessions with the water walking Kanye, Big Sean, and maybe a playful prolific Meek Milly, Ricky Rose' or the intelligent side of The MIGOS, DABABY wont have any problem navigating the newly paved roads of the present Traphop/Sickhop landscape!!

Jonathan Lyndale "Kirk", - Charlotte, North Carolina came out to play and fight! - Expect the boi' to be in the pocket for a minute!!!!!

"Kirk" Playlist. INTRO 2:52 OFF THE RIP 1:55 BOP 2:39 VIBEZ 2:24 POP STAR (feat. Kevin Gates) 3:03 GOSPEL (feat. Chance the Rapper, Gucci Mane & YK Osiris) 3:34 iPHONE DaBaby & Nicki Minaj 3:11 TOES (feat. Lil Baby & Moneybagg Yo) 2:16 REALLY (feat. Stunna 4 Vegas) 2:19 PROLLY HEARD 2:23 RAW S**T (feat. Migos) 3:36 THERE HE GO 2:23 XXL 2:33


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