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DC Bureau "Bureau "B DOT" SADDLE HOODIE!!!"-"Desert Texture Ulimate Swaggo



1342 U Street Northwest, 2nd floor Washington, DC, 20009

"Cold" A$$ Inventory.

Absolute Facts. 

If you've never heard of D.C. high skate conscient "DC Bureau", Wellllllll uhh - a lot of us haven't!! Tucked away in the low key backdrop of Washington D.C, , DC Bureau 's got that middle fashion stash you don't want to tell ANY of your friends about!.. Why? Because. SHISSHHHHH!... DC Bureau got that FIRE'!! Featured here in this segment is their popularly adorned "B DOT SADDLE HOODIE"! 

Sand or Saddle in color the "B DOT' does enormous things in largely "simple" ways. 100% Cotton, TOUGH, DOPE "Bureau" front print, strategically fleeced inner lining and a jersey lined hood, why would you not want a BDOT in your life!! The B DOT weighs in at a more than reasonable 80.00US and can be acquired directly through DC's website. Whether you're a die heart legit skater, an innocent bystander or a schizophrenic purist hypebeast that simply drools over all the "can't haves" that drop monthly,  sneak up on DC Bureau and take a sniff!! --- It smells a little swaggy over there!!!   Enjoy!


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