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Donovan Mitchell D.O.N. Issue #1

Donavan Mitchell, Utah Jazz - Are you familiar!? - Half man, half amazing, Mitchell exhibits the high power, low key early Dwayne Wade explosive nature you rarely see executed well amongst younger NBA talent and progressive superstars!!

Not too far from his well balanced human alias, Adidas and Marvel lock hands to release "Issue 1", The Donovan Mitchell "D.O.N." a multi level colorway as a sick roll out to his new sneaker vibe and a dedication to his league mantra and league initiation identity recognition, "Determination over Negativity".

Upon arrival, the D.O.N will come in 4 color sets commemorative to the multiple Spider Man Actives. Expect  a white, red and blue flavor for Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man; a pink, black, white, and silver set for Symbiote ; a black / green shake up for Stealth Spider-Man; and a red and metallic gold twin for Iron Spider!

The Issue #1 has multiple accents that set it apart from your traditional b-ball mid... Adidas stamped Bounce Cushioning, an expanded mid sole, Spider Web Cushioning and custom coding for the new D.O.N!!!

All in, expect D. Mitchell's new campaign around July 1st for a cool 100US!!!  And you haven't got a chance to see the young baller in action, we left you a little desert below!! 

Have a great week!!  - Take. 


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