Drake // Nipsey Hussle, Will Menace Mashup // "The Marathon"

If you're an avid music head, we're always more than floored when we hear that new drop that bites jusssst alittttle' bit deeper than your normal "daily drive" morning or afternoon Uber/Lyft playlist!!!

You know.. its the one that's got that "drop", that punch, that rude bass line that gets your mind in motion, your grind lined up for the week and thoughts together before class!

Blessed on the "sneak, sneak", we get a ultra rare Drake & Nipsey Hussle exclusive mashup from inde producer Will Menace! 

Laced as an dam$ near seamless relationship between Drake, the late great Nipsey Hussle and Gunna's recent "Spending Addiction" masterpiece, "The Marathon" sounds like something that should have organically happened with Nip and Toronto's own Champagne Papi!

As you're getting amped up for today, get a dose, - the young boi' Menace put a little burner together!! Long live "The Marathon"!! We still feel you Nip!!          

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