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Drake X Chris Brown Release New Song "No Guidance"

Slicky slick and on the super "sneak sneak", #Drake and the legend Chris Brown get behind the saucy and bold new release "No Guidance"!!

A super moody middle dancy, sexy yet ultra sultry love ballad, "No Guidance" fuses what Drake and Chris do best, beckon the female heart and with conscience with razor like precision!!!

On the business end, the opening two minutes of the song sound like both Billboard professionals simply belong there but the bridge is where Drake's "dark shadow" 40 Shebib, Vinylz, J Louis and Teddy make the magic sparkle! - Breezy or The 6's golden child, avid fans will be more than satisfied!!

Drake and Brown haven't been on the same track since "Only" a while back with Ms. Minaj but haven't suffered any fanfare or adoration loss in the interim ! Be it "yesterday" or today,  we feelin' the vibe and "No Guidance" is a nice soft entrance to the Full "INDIGO" project to come by Breezy shortly!

Great job boyz!!  Should we expect anything less!!!? "Swag and B at its finest"!!! "No Guidance" - #ChrisBrown X Drake!!! 


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