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Drake And Zendaya Hot New HBO Series- "EUPHORIA"

If your alias is "Heartbreak Drake", ALOT is your mind at the moment...$$ - personalized jets, huge billboard signatures, and plenty of Toronto Raptors associations on the rise!

Add "Euphoria", - Nope, not an album, not a behind the back OVO store addition, not an official name for another one of his prolific projects yet rather a full off HBO entertainment package only done one way, the Heart Break Drake way!

This week official trailers were released for Mr. Graham's newest flagship in motion starring neighborhood superstar Zendaya!

A rendition of an Israeli based work titled the same, the series is a "notebook" or journal of Zendaya's primary role of "Rue" - a normal every day high school student drudging through a nagging drug addiction, a mind field of adolescent decisions and all the adjacent pressures of "growing up" when its of course very unexpectedly time to "grow up".

"Euphoria" hits HBO June 18 and you can surely expect a reverse identity of Zendaya that you haven't seen thus far. 

Additionally, the big screen isn't anything new to Drizzy, his semi cinematic upbringing was quite foundational to his daunting rise to "Drakeonomics"!

"Euphoria" - airing June 18 on HBO - "Drake stand for "Do Right And Kill E v e r y t h i n g" - Classic Drake music! - "Miss me by Drake"  

Should be a good one to catch, lets watch and see!!!


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