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Top 10 Worst Movies Starring Rappers

The term “rapper-actor” doesn't instill a great deal of optimism into casual moviegoers, though it’s not like the wannabe thespians themselves have done much to help the issue.

Not all of hip-hop’s stars with Hollywood aspirations are an embarrassment to the craft. Technically, Will Smith falls in this category, as do respectable performers such as Mos Def, Ice Cube, and Queen Latifah. Props are also due to Eminem, who gave a solid performance in 2002’s 8 Mile even though he basically played himself.

For every 8 Mile, however, there’s a Killa Season (starring Cam'ron and the whole Dipset), a bootlegger special that strips cinema of its finest attributes and plays like an extended BET: Uncut music video. Even worse are bad rapper movies produced within the Hollywood system, whether the spitter is the headliner or a mere co-star.

In this video we rank the top 10 worst movies starring rapers, check it out to see what makes the list.


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