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Top 10 Best Hood Movies From The 90s

Who doesn't love a action packed flick based in name a town hood around the world? As a kid some of my favorite movies ever were the classic "Hood Movies". Films like Menace 2 Society and Boys in the hood are not only great hood movies but American film classics.

Many of us remember how upset we were with Camron's Rico character as he betrayed his friend and business partner Money makin Rich in Paid in Full. And who could forget Tupac's iconic Bishop character from Juice. Movies like these are pretty much household names for the most part but we decided to compile a list of the top 10 hood movies that are not quite as popular.

Movies that you may or may have not heard of, but but managed to offer gripping depictions of day to day life from the perspectives of those entrenched impoverished areas all over the globe. We rank each video from 1-10, Check out the video for the full list.


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