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Elon Musks Custom Made Tesla Python Jordan 1 Sneakers

Elon Musk and his space age brain child Tesla unveiled the brand new Model Y a few days ago and as sophisticated as the Y may be, Musk's shoe game at the unveiling has been of equal polarity and public rave and recognition!!

The design was enlisted by Los Angeles custom shoe maker "De Marco - DM Custom Sneakers" and a special gift given by a friend for Elon's birthday!

Musk's special 1's feature a one of a kind Horween Leather Shell Cordovan surrounding the toe, a nasty laser cut metallic Red Tesla logo on the toe and a full custom authentic Python leather and Pony hair application filling the sides!

Cost of the the Tes1 is unknown but custom shoe maker De Marco has similar paradigms that they have featured which touch the upper hemisphere of 4k!

Elon Musk always seems to get a special share of the media spotlight no matter what he's doing for the day but one things for sure however, Tesla nation seems to have absolutely no problem with is afternoon outfit performance!!

Long live the King, "Musk"!  - The Tesla toes are a must!!


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