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Golden Yeezy 350! - "Literally LIT

So you have every Yeezy in the Yeezy Kingdom and all the "fire" Spring / Summer rips right? Cool.  You have all the TAKEFLIGHT214 wall trimmings in the downstairs lounge and bathroom right? Perfect. 

Now how about that splashy living room glass table with the GQ magazines on it!? Well - it just so happens we got that too!!.. 

How about a true size 9.5 all gold CERAMIC Yeezy 350 not just as "sculpture" but as a slick hideaway tea candle as well!! Yea we can see your whole black book smiling right now!! Lol blesses us with the Yeezy Budda all Gold 350 candle set up! Simple in function - crack the cap, light it up and the Gold Yeezy Is LIT!!

"Sneaker Sculpture 001" as its formally titled gets to your doorstep for 150.00US and move quick, only a limited amount are available!! So set the mood right the young wild Yeezy Way, - you have to, it's your golden opportunity!! 


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