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How Ecko Went From Being The " First Streetwear Brand" To The Shelves Of Ross

How many remember Ecko Unlimited? In the 90s and early 2000s Ecko cemented themselves in the culture as one of the ambassadors to the mainstream. Before streetwear was streetwear, brands like Ecko were giving us a glimpse of the future which was to come.

Ecko came along in a time before the industry began to respect the street market as viable, but the wave that they contributed in creating would go on to change the industry as they knew it. Ecko rose to ungodly heights, at one point cresting $1 billion in sales at their peak.

But what happened? How did Ecko fall from the world renowned pedestal in which they stood, to the relative obscurity they find themselves in today? We'll let's find out. I'm Nate the Great from and this is the rise and fall of Ecko Unltd.


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