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How Kevin Plank Built Under Armour Into An Empire Then Tanked Them With Strippers And Ugly Shoes

The sneaker business has always been a tough industry to break into. Over the years a select few have been able to make enough waves to rock the boats of the big companies, and Under Armour for a brief period, was one of those brands. Back in the early 2010s, Under Armour emerged as a disruption in the athletic apparel world. They exploded onto the scene with year over year profits, and making a legit effort seed one of the covid top 3 spots. Under Armor surprised everyone with the speed that they were able to make moves. Having learned from brands of the past, Under Armor was poised to make a serious play at it. Until, they hit a wall. What wall you may ask, well, let's find out. I'm Nate the Great from and this is the rise and fall of Under Armor.


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