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Mr. Reebok: Allen Iverson's Sneaker Legacy

In the world of sneakers, there have been few superstars massive enough to carry an entire brand on their back. Allen Iverson, was one of those superstars. Iverson, a super talented athlete from the streets of Virginia, who rose to become one of the NBA's most iconic players.

His unique style and fearless attitude made him a force on the court, and an ambassador of the culture. When AI entered the league, Reebok saw him as their Michael Jordan, and hitched their wagon to his potential in hopes of riding to the top with him.

But how did it all play out? And more importantly, why is it that Reebok failed to catuplut their brand off his success the way Nike did with Jordan? Well lets find out. I'm Nate the great from and this is the history of the Alllen Iverson's Reebok sneaker legacy.


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