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How Travis Scott Became The Most Influential In The Sneaker Game

Over the years Travis Scott has really been making moves in the sneaker game, making a case for himself as the most influential name in sneakers today. Now before you react, I say today because no his longevity doesn't stand up to that of Mike Jordan, and his sales may not equal that of Lebron or Kanye. But as far as hype goes, name someone else who's releases are more anticipated right now? Some may not know but he was Originally signed to Reebok during his mixtape come up, and though this did not result in any co-branded releases, but did set the foundation for the endorsement work he’d do in the future with Nike, Helmet Lang and of course Jordan Brand. Before we get into it, I'm Nate the great from Take Flight, and today we'll go over the history of all the Travis Scott sneaker release, highlighting his rise in the sneaker game.


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