Ice Brady and Family! - New England Patriots 2019 Super Bowl Champs

Bigger? Absolutely not. Louder? Maybe. Hard fought? Without a shadow of a doubt. Who prevailed? Bill Bellecheck, #TomBrady, the NE iron jacket and team MVP Julian Edelman!!... The New England Patriots are the 2019 NFL Super Bowl Champs yet again!!!

From the whistle, Super Bowl 53 hosted in beautiful Atlanta GA might have been even more than many expected. If anyone doubted the Los Angeles Rams, they proved themselves well worthy of a 2019 #SuperBowl world premier contention. The defense was solid, very consistent and more than faithful but in the end, the strategic nature of the Patriots shiny offense just "out pushed" the Rams greatest resolve.

Tom Brady now inscribes himself as one of the greatest quarter backs to play the game whether NFL fans, the media or the rest of the #NFL think the same. The truth of the matter is the boy deserves every inch of the Lombardi. Sidekick Julian Eldelman snags the big game MVP and even though slightly undermentioned Stephen Gostkowski probably deserves a good portion of that apple pie as well!

Mr. Sean Mcvay and the crew.. we know we'll see you flex 2020 but for now, champagne bottles pop in New England city limits only!!! Congrats to Bellecheck and the fam!!! Next years gonna be a burner!!!