J Stone / The Marathon Continues. - A Special New Release

"Hussle" - when you hear it emphatically expressed from his vocals, there's something special about it. - Something rings deeply through it.. - "Power, focus, ability, "mobility", art, passion, vision.."

The All Money In conglomerate is a showcase for a truly "different" vibe and stream of Hip Hop with the gruesome passing of its captain, how does one, anyone continue such a HUGE initiative?

24 hour, 7 day shifts at the Marathon Clothing Store, over 10 million in revenue since Hussle's death and worldwide adoration for a job "well done"... "The Marathon's" actively in motion. 

J Stone is a longtime right hand man to Nip and while maybe "secretly silent" behind the larger artistic expression of his head coach, he's put his "big boy" pants on and stepped up faithfully grabbing The Marathon golden baton!

The song is called "The Marathon Continues" and much more than a simple mindless unconnected personal release, the song is an amazing honor and complete tribute to Tha Great in all senses of the word.

Artistically composed and intelligently spoken, Stone takes his own "victory lap" around the most recent ALL MONEY IN / TMC / NIPSEY HUSSLE victories, losses and many corporate progressions.

Meticulously woven and seamed, Stone gives a convincing presentation of both his "boasy" artistic ability and those "higher" and much more detailed elements of that "Hussle" like spirit.

Colorfully meditational and almost "personal journal like" in tone, Stone got some heat his bag! - We're excited to watch his race. 

The Marathon Continues$    

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