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"Jordan 6 Spizike History of Jordan" - Throwbacks That Kill

I wish, I wish, I wish... You remember back in the day when you would walk through Foot Locker or any of your favorite shoe outfitters, look down expectantly at the tag and for whatever reason recite those words.. I wish, I wish, I wish!!!…

Well if you had three "Magic Jordan Wishes:, what would you ask your Jordan Fairy for? 80's MJ, 90's MJ, - EVERY MJ of the "now"!!...?

Well, Wallahhh', now's your chance with the fleeting Jordan fairy, - It's the Spizike History of Jordan 6 that was originally released in August of 2014!  - Still in the wave however, you can still catch the right pair with the right amount of intelligent digging!

The Spizike was an original Sal's pizza inspired colorway from the iconic Do the Right Thing movie, with a stoplight loud upper and some extraordinary "blow your mind like" red and green Ferrari like accents to match. Additionally, what MADE and makes the shoe so collector worthy in the now is the fact that they say what other Jordan creations don't say  - "Loud", "Classy", "Straightlined", "Bossy" and truly irreplaceable!

On the heals of Spike Lee's recent Oscar win, it seems only right that we are hit with another Mars Blackman special. A #Spizike throwback set will run you anywhere to $170 US into the 250/300's depending on who holds them and can definitely be had with a few days work! 

If you desire a pair, cross your fingers and your toes, its possible to find your size and if you just so luck out on snagging a pair of these vintage giants, Congratulations, you've found some throwbacks that kill!!!

Careful, 1 day at a time soldier, - you''ll find your golden pair!! - Follow the bright yellow brick road and "Choose Wisely"!!!! 


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