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"Jordan Why Not ZERO.2" - “Vast Grey/Atmosphere Grey/White/Gunsmoke”

On May 12, 2019 at 12:00 am Nike will dropped the smash on the brand new "Jordan Why Not ZERO.2"!! This time in the amazing - “Vast Grey/Atmosphere Grey/White/Gunsmoke”!

Notably seen in the Russel Westbrook district of the Jordan Brand, the new "Why Not" is a special mixture of well selected monotones and detailed brushes of the light, airy and very simple yet tangy yellows, greens, pinks and soft greys!

An amazing continuation of the original "Own the Game" edition of the shoe, the brand new "Why Nots" got that fast pace, watch me boi' flash ALLl in the mix of the iconic Westbrook platform!

What will the "Why Not Zero.2" weigh in at at the register!? A cool 125.00US from Nikes Website!!!

All the mesh, all the webbed synthetic flow and the very "futuristically exciting" curves and angles will have the opposing team all crossed up well before the warmups come off and the lay up line is complete!...

A steller job by the boys at Nike and the Jordan Brand, - they keep bringing the candy bags to the culture!! You know what to do!!!


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