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KUWTK, Kim, Kanye and Nicki Minaj

Kim "Queen Baddy" Kardashian, Kanye "Yandi" West and Nicki Minaj / KUWTK!!? 

Yep, Its in the air and in the last KUWTK, Sir Kanye West and Nicki Minaj have a new concept in the works and Kimmy seems to have set it all up!!

The new music is called "New Body" and in the enormously famous prime time, daytime giant KUWTK, Kanye requests Nicki Minaj for the track, everyone's on board and Kim actually calls Minaj to set the stage!

Nicki replied immediately and said she's ready to say "the shi$ others my be thinking but "won't" say.

The whole collabs' got a feeling that it's gonna be dope so keep your nose in the game, - "Yandi" never disappoints and with the expanded demographic, it'll be dope to see Nicki strecth her wings. Good things to come!! Stay tuned! 


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