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Lebron James, "Bigger Business" and the Chase for Professional NBA Team Ownership

Lebron James NBA Team Ownership

A net worth of over 440 million, a golden foot in the "yellow brick" uprising Los Angeles #Lakers franchise, razor sharp bull horns with Nike and multiple championships underneath his belt, #LebronJames not only has "clout" as probably the second best player to ever play the game of basketball but much like a mirror reflection of the king of basketball himself, Micheal Jordan, Lebron has his eyes even higher in the clouds as he progressively makes his way not only to play the game at its highest level, but "BALL" at its highest level as well potentially owning a premier NBA franchise! 

Tough to do? No, not necessarily when you're 34 years old, your business partners name is Maverick Carter and every time you make a move, the world is attentive at your finger tips. Unknown to many, Lebron already carries multiple investments in other profitable seeds like  English Soccer or Futbol (for everyone non American) Team Liverpool FC, a lifetime contract with #Nike, a cashed out investment with Beats Audio for over $50 million dollars, a nice little chunk of change in pizza chain Blaze Pizza as well as part ownership in two media companies, Spring Hill Entertainment and Uninterrupted. 

Why such a big deal? Who else do you know that scores more than 30/35 plus points a night on his day job, counts his weekly paychecks like pennies in a piggy bank from all his other "side jobs" and is a certified staple in professional sports and entertainment both within and outside his respective genre.

As avid sports, luxury fashion and entertainment connoisseurs, we're both impressed and greatly inspired by the long game moves of Mr. Lebron James. Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers and legendary Los Angeles Lakers, Bron' Bron' is both BIG BUSINESS on and off the court and we're super excited for whats to come. Keep Ballin' Mr. James, "Legendary" is just a few calculated exits ahead!! 

Lebron James NBA Team Ownership


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