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"Light it Up" / Marshmello, Chris Brown, Tyga!! New Release

25 million dollars + net worth, RIDICULOUS worldwide EDM draw, crazy versatility and a DJ/Producer one of his kind, Marshmello pulls the left hand and enlists Chris Brown and #Tyga for "Light it up" 

- a funky hip hop cross genre splitter just dropped April 25, 2019!!

Mellow Powered with a sensationally simple harmonic lead melody and a classic "Tyga sensitive" Cali 808 and kick combo, "Light it up" snatches the highly trained hip hop ear and bends the traditional #Marshmello fans ear to a very summer heavy "popsicle live playlist" filler!

On the B side, Breezy fills his verse with everything we expect from a Brezzy summer club shaker and overall, the trio knows exactly what they're doing...$$ - Get ready for the sexy pool party!! - Coming immediately soon to a hot Vegas, Miami, Cali club set near you!!

"Light it up!" 



Chris Brown

All platforms, all musical taste!!!

Lets party!! 


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