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"Lucero Rios " // Lucero Crystal - Weekly Muse

"Pretty" is a crazy thing. Why!? Because when you're as "pretty" as experienced internet model Lucero Rios is, its striking, unnerving and vastly unique to hold such a influential position.

I mean its Rios type of "pretty" that keeps the phone ringing all day, the dm's stacked, and the texts on overload! -Make it clear, a short intentional glance at those pretty light eyes, and the stops and stares have gotta be almost humorous!

None the less, "Pretty Rios" keeps it all in order and does it all so very well as she keeps 300k Instagram followers interested on a week to week and month to month basis via her style, presence and direct conversational tones!!

Lucero is 23 years of age, abides in the beautiful montage of South Florida and has skillfully and intelligently manipulated all the essential ingredients necessary to build a 

sexy social platform COMPLETELY built by her "pretty little thoughts" and her supremely "pretty" Latino image!!! 

A quick crazy fact that Rios carries with her "brazy" engaging presentation is that when she opened her Twitter account a few years back, the caption read "  bored as ever."... We'd say she's come quite a long way from "bored" these days 


Occupationally, Lucero is a 10 toes down Fashion Nova ambassador and works directly with the CME modeling Agency located in L.A.

Pretty Girl, Pretty moves, Pretty Impressive. Take the check to the bank, this one's a solid one!!! 

And we see you Rios!! - "Pretty" with all the Hot Sauce on it!!! Florida keeps all the heat!!!!


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