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Michigan State Defeats Duke 68 / 67 - Mission Impossible

Just a few days ago we presented the platform for one of the most exciting NCAA Championships to come in a while! 4 Number One seeds and ANY and EVERYTHING up for grabs for any team in the bracket! What none of us truly expected however was Sunday's mind blowing results of the Michigan State and Duke headliner! - #1 Vs. #2 - #2 sneaks by #1!!!

With a first round victory over Bradley, a second round win over Minnesota, a third round triumph over LSU and now the unbelievable upset over the #1 of #1 seeds in the tournament this year, the Spartans are on their way to the Final Four for the first time in 4 years!! 

Congratulations to Tom Izzo and Co.! They've overcome Mission Impossible!! Off to the big dog Final Four!!

The game itself was nothing short of spectacular, an early lead by Duke both was expected and revered but the overall ball movement, superior head coaching decisions and probably a nice little dab of miracle dust was all too much for the boys in blue and white! With a late fast break momentum shifter by Tillman and the nail in the coffin 3 pointer from Jason Poole, Michigan stole the show with an absolutely unreal 68-67 win!!

All hale Spartans!!! - Mission Impossible!! - it should be an all out showcase in Minneapolis!! Get after it Izzo!!    


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