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Ms. Yodit Yemane: Weekly Muse

Homebase: Boca Raton, Fl

Alias: "Yodit Yemane"

Instagram: @the_jodiejoe, 1M. Close

Age: 22

Best Attribute: BADD$.

Travel anywhere through the "Sunshine State" of South Florida and the temperatures just STUUUUUPID hot!!! You could take 3 showers a day and you would still need an additional to go out and hit the night scene as the sun comes down!.. Enter the one, the ONLY Yodit Yemane!!... As an almost mirror image of her home state, she's STUPID hot, one in a million and on her way to scorching anything 6 degrees near her!!!

Does she look familiar? Wild N Out, Irv Gotti, Fashion Nova Super Girl, "Jodie Joe" - yep that's her. 100% South Floridian, 110% BADDDD and 115% "Muse".

Bikini Model, silent pose, still shot, Instagram weekend snap, Yodit's "got that thang that makes you wonder what you're doing with your life"!. And rightfully so, at 23 the girl is going to WRECK SHOP whether that's Fashion Nova, Victoria Secret, full fledge entertainment, Film or International modeling. We're simply grateful for her presence, perfection and rising emergence. Watch this one close - you know where she's headed!!! 

BADD VIBES$ - Yodit Yemane,  ---------  Caution: HIGHLY FLAMMABLE!!!!!!!


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