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NBA Free Agency Frenzy!, - Multiple Teams - "He went where!!!?

You ever played the classic card game Uno!!? - It goes a little something like this.. , 6 or 7 friends, a full deck of cards, - you select your stack, your friends do the same and the main objective is to navigate through ALL the "colors" until you get down to that final card and yell UNO!!! That "ONE" is the official winner!!

Much of the same and in the mutual frame of thought, the 2019 NBA season just ended and while all the flashy confetti is still settling in the "Rapt.Champs" backyard, the entire league is sitting at the table playing a nice little game of "Uno" themselves!!,,

In one of the MOST abundant and most mind bending free agencies in a while, Christmas looks like its come early for a good number of both middle and top tier level teams! 

To start, the Lakers make an INSANE move acquiring Anthony Davis for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, THREE First Round Draft picks, and literally an arm and a leg!! Lol - we have a full feature on that huge deal in this same blog


In an almost equally crazy news flash, both Kevin Durant AND Kyrie Irving will be packing up and moving to Brooklyn! They will be complimentary blessed with Mr. Deandre Jordan to complete the full palate and it should be a CRAZY upgrade and 

transition out in New York!!

The "softer sign of things include Derrick Rose signing a two year deal with the Detroit Pistons, Jimmy Butler getting ready to put on the pink Balenciaga slides out in Miami as the new face of the Miami Heat and Al Horford getting a P R E T T Y nice little bag to join

King Embid for 4 years out in Philly at over 109 MILLION dollars!!!!  A nice little paycheck for Horford to say the least. 

The surprises go on and on as teams scramble, scratch, cut, copy and paste in preparing for what will probably be the most competitive NBA season we'll see in a minute!! Lingering news included Kahwi Leonard sitting with the Lakers, the Clippers and the Raptors while all  official signing will be done around the sixth of July!!

WHAT a turn of events here in only 2 weeks since the party in Canada!!  We can't wait to see how the summer ends up for the temperature of the full league!!

However the game goes, stack and play your cards right fellas', "Uno" can potentially be the difference between popping bottles and flexing gold rings or unfortunately "shooting your last shot" wishing you played the game more closely!!!

Its on NBA aficionados!! Its a NBA free agency frenzy and its clearly gonna be another great one!!!!!     


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