"New Balance Pro Court 213" / / Skate or "Die"

So you shred the front stairway and side parking lot at your local high school around a quarter past 6:00 p.m. right....? Well how about the PERFECT knitted mid to show off in or maybe to add to the wider day to day wardrobe!!?

Don't think too hard, - "just do em", - The #NewBalance Pro Court 213 Gray/Gum bottom -  The "grey" areas speak clearly for themselves!!

With a super high sensitivity to board feel or just all the right textures and aggressive feels for you sliced mustard corduroys, the 213 can do it for you both on or off the skateboard!

Additionally, no flashy leather here, no wild side colorway, just cold hard "facts"! - Hard gum outsole, soft gray upper canvas and a very nice beacon white classic NB "N", - there's really no discussion, grab em'  or we'll do it for you!

The Pro Court Grey / Gum bottoms get you right for 70.00US and they're the perfect follow up to the early 212, Only this time you get the upgraded mid and all the dice sharp angle to match! - Skate or "die" king. These Kill$$$    

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