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Nike Air Max 270 React Capsule, 10. 5. 19. Release

Nike "ups the ante" this weekend with the new release of its classic Air Max 270 clothed in an eye catchy, very "emotion poppy" absolute color explosion in the new React Max 270!!

As a brand always faithfully committed to its high athletic and in this case of the 270, even culture driven Max blueprint, the conglomerate goes a bit "intellectual" for the Halloween

season with the new React Capsule.

Arrested in the finest of Nikes best texture palettes and tongue dropping design cut outs, the new 270 boasts "upper echelon" luxury brand styling cues atop a very simple yet tastefully modified multi-colored leather 


Sharp etched white toe boxes, richly calculated strokes of rich Caramel, a full middle boot stretched in a deeply European blue and a straight diagonal cut sole give the new 270 all the "Ish" and giggles you desire from a gallery like presentation of novel sneaker excellency!!

At the rear of the shoe, the deep red air bubble is obviously irresistible while the inner sole is marked by elegant montages of straight beauty and artistic elegance' !!

Nothing short of great, who doesn't want a pair of these sharply cut harvest pumpkins!!!!

Keep your eye out on all platforms Oct. 5. 2019 as the harvest will be ripe! Check your local sneaker "dope" dealer for price and availability!! -

The all new Nike React 270 Capsule. A sharp yet undeniable sweet Carmel apple, luxury Balenciaga and pure Nike "Garcon" all wrapped in one.

"To the Max" Take214 trick or treaters!!!!


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