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Nike Air VaporMax 2019. / Cactus Plant Flea Market Air Max Colab

Earlier this week music artist extraordinaire Frank Ocean was spotted in New York rocking one of the newest from Nike's well thought out running and cross training division, the one and only Nike Air VaporMax 2019! 

A far throw from your traditional Air Max platform, this particular Vapormax is a custom collab. with Cactus Plant Flea Market to be revealed on May 14, 2019 for the annual "Air Max Day" driven by Nike! 

From head to toe, the CPFM houses all the special ingredients you rarely see from a shoe of its caliber! It's crossed stitched and braced all across the top with the best of Nike's Olympic runner type synthetics, richly accented with a very provocative deep red, blue and calm turquoise in the air section as well as a super trippy Swoosh and special "Just do It" application texted at the top of the ankle region!

Price and availability hasn't been formally thrown out there as of yet but you can get an immediate peek and opportunity to grab a pair at the Dover Street Market Locations on May 14!

We've seen ALOT from Nike and its almost INFINITE abundance of design and out of this world creativity but if you're a long time Max lover or a runner / trainer with the itch to own a one off application that you won't see ANYONE else in, the VaporMax is that new authority to get it done!!

Mark your schedule and save that New York business trip until the days surrounding May 14! - Nike and Cactus Plant Flea Market's got a wild harvest waitin' on ya!! - Don't miss the fruit in the air!! 


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