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Nike LJ Sixteen // Martin Colorway: Sneaker Release

Speculation is in the air EVERYHWHERE as Bron Bron and his "mighty 300" won't quite make it to the big show this year but on or off the court. Lebron James is always a winning contender. The LJ 16 takes no losses!

Inspired by James love for the classic tv sitcom "Martin", Nike cooks up all the colors, slang and stomach aching moments of Bron's favorite tv show!

Decked in all the newest creative treatments including Nike's VERY athletic cotton upper synthetics, a broad foot lacing structure and all the Air/Zoom sauce on the lower half to match, The Lebron 16 is a shoe that really is "second to none" for a number of reasons! 

The 16 hits the stores April 16, 2019 at 185.00US a pop and we're sure they'll disappear like purple blueberry hotcakes! - All the Lakers color vibes, all the Martin comedic history engraved in the rear and all the finest in Nikes new technology, you gotta get a taste! 

Bron 16's for everybody!!! This one's on the house!!   


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