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October Art Feature, "Fumeroism"

If you've had the grand opportunity to visit and scan the very intricate streets of New York City, New York, you know there is ALOT to see and take in!  The city is jam packed with SO much creativity, SO MUCH motion and SO MUCH as it pertains to art, motion,  

fluid media and creative public expression.

This month we feature and recognize "Fumeroism". - Globally known, New York City shaped and a methodical BEAST as it pertains to paint, art, graffiti and urban "Tag", Fumero is the "color outside the lines", the fuzzy "rose in the concrete" and the "shaper pencil in the cup"! 

Most Notably recognized for the "Graftstract, the careful whimsical rotation of a collection of  multiple art disciplines, Fumero prolifically merges the very edgy, unhindered freedom of street Graffiti with the higher mental forms of creative urban integration, provocative free advertisement and deeply subconscious story telling.

Fumero has had art on his mind, material in his hand and the skys in his heart since he was only four years old and the early foundations instilled have proved to have formed a style, presence and artistic demeanor overtly distinctive from many traveling down the same yellow brick road, genre and creative mode.

Fumero can be explored, disected and engaged via his healthly pallete of "now thought" via his Instagram account as well as his personal site  at  Additionally if you like what you see, further indulge in the myriad of projects he's been noted for in both New York as well as all around the World!!  Any Gallery, Event or big initiative fueled by the Top 20 / Top 10 in game will have Fumero's name boldly unscripted right there at the top of the list.  

If abstract is your thing and the sacred spray can has a special place in your heart, "Fumeroism" is a must to embark on and explore. His vivid depth, color, space perception and multi-disciplinary upbringing bring him to another level as it pertains to his style, reach and skill complexity.



"It just don't spray like "Fumero"!!

Enjoy the Trip!


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