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Off White Arrow Applique' Neutral Colorway - "THAT WAY."

Those brand new "dirty" black True Religion jeans, that fresh new Balenci' jacket and the "Off" "kill em" boi' belt game - you got it!! - All "arrows" pointed in the right direction!!

Off White wakes the game yet again with a neutral dark charcoal casual mock runner rightly trimmed with all of Virgil's " things"!

Fully variant suede and nylon top body marks, a unique suede middle lower sole and off course the Abloh hyper orange dog tags to finish the canvas, the only thing missing is your choice of how you wanna rock them!!

Virgil hits us for the slickey' 675.00US and the Arrow Applique' can be snatched from any Barney's or official Off-White retailer within your reach!! 

Tell the haters keep the praise cause you know the deal!! Tell em' "THAT WAY"$ You know what "direction" this is headed in!!!


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