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Off White X Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Exhibition

I can remember when I was younger and every year around Jan/Feb/March, Chicago would host this MASSIVE International Auto Show that was a truly mind blowing experience for a bright eyed, bushy tailed young kid who loved to drool over the sparkling field of spec perfect shiny "car candy"!!

Very similar to that numb revelation setting, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago has carved a special Exhibit for the OFF WHITE gang to reveal the fame, knit and glory of the iconic Nike 10 collab. entitled "Figure of Speech"!

Furthermore, what makes the exhibit unique is that it shows you the "Physical Mind" and all the creative workmanship that has gone into these many candy corn OFF WHITE crown jewels!!

The Exhibit will be on display until September 22 and you can snatch all the tickets and more detailed information at

On the cusp of probably a designer that will change the way and complete direction streetwear and fashion will be created and sold in this new tech, Uber helicopter age, the "Figure of Speech" exhibit is a major "little thing" that will make it's massive statement in all its future work that has and will spring from its contemporary innovative approach!! - Sneaker heads you can do all the drooling now.. LOL To the moon Virg'!!! - another "beyond us" exhibit that's truly captivating!!!   


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