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PATTA X Jordan Brand 7 Sneaker RElease

Amsterdam's finest "Patta" is ramping up for their well respected 15th anniversary and what better way to do so than with a deep rich chocolate cake like reworked Jordan 7!!

"Shimmer/Tough Red-Velvet Brown-Mahogany Pink" is the official color name and the matching style code is identified as AT3375-200! Delivered as top dawg of two releases to be proudly released April 23, 2019, the velvet brown classic blueprint features a very nasty.

"Patta" imprinted etch across the soft Mahogany Pink lower sole! Heading up a level, the main boot section is filled with a nicely done velvet brown, more jolting hints of the glassy candy pink and custom rear tags and tongue applications to match!

The "pinkychoc' forerunner will be kindly accompanied by an Icicle/Sequoia-River Rock-Light Crimson counterpart as well, both being dropped directly in Amsterdam on the 23rd!

"PATTA" 7 slides into the movement for 200.00 US and is probably one of the more heavily designed re-creations across the full Jordan Brand retro palette!

Congratulations to #PATTA for another heavy delivery, we wish them a supremely happy 15th and many more to come! For now though - "ChocoPink" frozen cake anyone!!!!? 

Lets Eat!!!!  


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