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PJ Tucker and the NBA "Playoff Showcase Showoff!! - The Sauciest' Shoe Candy from the 2019 NBA Playo

  If you've had the fashionable free time to watch any of this year's NBA playoffs, you've seen professional basketball played at a VERY high level with enough electricity and wonder to make each series an absolute blockbuster to share at all the house parties with the homies!

Damian Lillard. Speechless performance at least.-  "Portland Blazer" ; brand new trail!!! - Kawhi Leonard - savior of the world for "putting the lights out" for the heart crushed 76'ers yet sparking a "flickering light bulb" for a sleeping Toronto Raptors organization!

The stories are many and none of it is over yet what's better for all of us NBA crack addicts then all the foot candy that's been the silent piñata of the pre finals championship party!!

All the legends have their "red carpet roll out". Michael Jordan was NOTORIUS for starting Playoff day and Finals game time with INFERNOS of his sneaky behind the back exclusive releases! Names like Anfernee Hardaway and the general Kobe Bryant also hung their names in lights for their myriad of post season bag of tricks!!

For all of us avid shoe and streetwear collectors, the new shi$ just does something to the soul.. Its not only HOW you put up the 58, 10, and 7, its how you tilt the big boi' superman cape when you do it as well. "Playoff Showoff" keeps it all interesting and this year, we're nothing short of great in the general showcase department!

We've included a short set of all the masterpieces glazing the legendary hardwood this year - take a long look and let us know what you like on our Instagram page - we may even send you a special made poster of the shoe of your pick !! ( Wink Wick!) What the he$$ -, its playoff season, we gotta be part of the confetti!!! Cheers!!!

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