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Racks In The Middle, Nipsey Hussle feat. Roddy Ricch // Hitboy

"I was riding round in the V12 with the Racks in the Middle!!!!.. Cali grammar, classic HITBOY symphony production, familiar West Coast vibes and Grammy level Genius. It's #NipseyHussle, Roddy Ricch and Hitboy on Cali's newest Blvd banger - RACKS IN THE MIDDLE released just a few days ago!!

With a recent drop of his last highly anticipated masterpiece, Victory Lap, Nipsey Hussle adds weight to the genre and the overall discography with a classy California collection of struggle, work ethic, fame and long game success!! 

Co-pilots on the journey include major wave producer and perfectionist HITBOY as well as the new up and coming Freshman super star Roddy Ricch$ out of Compton Ca!! 

Bar for bar Nipsey hints at the golden blueprint to his healthy and rising conglomerate while Ricch$ adds all the icing on the cake with a icy slick hook and a very addictive "Ummmmhmmmhmm"!!

Catch Racks In The Middle on all major plats and see what you think personally with the visuals included. Spicy Mclarens, flappy door Aventadors and plenty of glitter in all the right places, Cali comes through and does what it always does!! 

Racks In The Middle, Nipsey Hussle, Roddy Ricch$ and Hitboy. Bang Bang LA, classic West Coast street and music veins!


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