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Sand Ludovico Vegas' "Silent" Killer: Weekly Muse

Sometimes "Silence" is golden. To move calmly, intentionally and "passively" says everything that needs to be said. Point blank. - "Silent Golden", Silent Killer! 

Meet Vegas' own Sand Ludovico!$

Silently BAD.

Silently SWEET.

Silently on top.

Silently Las Vegas' Killer'.

You can find Ms. Ludovico doing what she does best anytime of the day - KILLIN EM' via her Instagram.. ALL Italian, Spanish and Phillipino sides of her! 

What's silent about Sand? Alot. What's known about her? Modeling is an everyday thing and you should pay close attention. 

Magazine feature, daily post, or daily adventure, you're looking at something special. We like it too!! Vegas nights, Vegas lights, Vegas silent killer : Sand Lodovico! Very Impressive!! Take sometime today to check her out! 


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