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"Stikki Peaches" X CDI Furniture Home Collab Release

Soooo you've had it with your current living room situation at the palace!!! - The colors off now, your friends think its a weekend mini hotel and you're just genuinely ready for something new right!!?

Well, today's your lucky day friends!! Welcome to the Stikki Peaches X CDI Furniture “CECI N’EST PAS UN DIVAN,”!! The Couch and "Love" seat connection you've only urbanely dreamed of!!!

Curated and propped for Bois and Cuir's new furniture store in Canada, the “CECI N’EST PAS UN DIVAN,” masterpiece is a classic Chesterfield timepiece artfully clad with the streaks, splots, splashes and visionary tweaks of Stikki Peaches most prized possessed graffiti work!!!

Urbanly informed and fashionably aligned, the new release sings tones and whispers of street art extraordinaire' most notably seen via their expansive art collection!  

How many can you snag!!? 4 unique sets ranging from a cool 7500.00US to both the 11,500/15,000 and 22,500 mark depending on how large and how in depth you wanna "do the dang thang"!!

The entire collection will be available shortly via Bois and Cuirs up and coming opening via their Atwater location and there should be plenty to get your sticky little hands on!

So if you want a memorable seating experience SECOND TO NONE that can only compliment the KAWS movement you got going on downstairs, look no further boss man, the B&C delivery guys are here!! - Poignant Black Leather, exclusive graffiti runoff - you're close friends are gonna absolutely LOVE you!!! - And yea, You can thank us now!!! --- He' umm, here - "Have a "seat"!!!

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