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The Jordan Proto Max 720 "My Way Atlanta Nights"

Feast your eyes on one of the newest Nike X Jordan hybrid beasts! The Jordan Proto Max 720 "A Ma Maniere" Atlanta Nights!!

"A Ma Maniere" you say!?… "My Way" translated in French and it is the main line brand alias of "A Ma Maniere" located in Atlanta, Ga! 

Brain child of "king" #Nike and direct partnership with the boutique, the new 720 boasts a "true slick" smooth leather body, VERY detailed fine stitching top to bottom and some very unorthodox side features and textures attached throughout! 

The most coveted of them all, - probably the ice cream sweet quarter translucent sole, the militant outer strap, the boss tagged "My Way" iced around the back and the numeric 000 23 embossment etched into the sides!

"A Ma Maniere" will cost you 200US and get to your chosen retail destination point as soon as possible! - 230 select few were released and no communication has been given about whether or not any more will be dished out!!!  

#Jordan collector, Jordan fan, Jordan "six man" back seat drip supporter... - do the right thing, get em "My Way" while supplies last - legends are made in the present!! Make your mark!!!!


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