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The Pendleton x Air Jordan 8: Sneaker Release

Raw, Sharp, Cultural, Organic. - The Company name is Pendleton. - Iconic. American Textiles, Portland, Oregon, - Wools, Blankets, Designs, Amazing when mixed jussssst right!!!!…….

Nike. Jordan. Abundant. Fresh. New. Always on time wit it....' - nothing short of the best once again!!!!!

Early November will grace us with the Pendleton X Nike N7 Air Jordan 8 and so innovatively interwoven into the crisp Fall season, this one comes with the full 8 trim faithfully accented by the Pendleton signature wool palate all dedicated to the Indian side of 

the creative spectrum!

Properly prepared for the matching flannel and the right lowers, the Pendleton X Nike 8 has ALOT to offer the curious buyer for this current rotation!!

For this particular drop, the entire boot gets a Full basket of the collabs highest creative goodness...$$$ - Full rough gray suede face all the way up the strap, a Multi Collared triple to cap the tongue and the main event that extends all the way into the middle and rear architecture. 

The wool and design selected  mimics a warm, sick couch throw fastened gracefully to a matching sole that also carries all the spicy earthy accents that extend all the way to the pavement.

The native star crazy unique Pendleton is expected to pop up the second week of November and should float in the area of a solid US200 to get em' home!

Pendleton Sweat Shirt, your choice of the right jeans, and a contrasting Yeezy jacket... The Indian vibes smell quite favorable for the season!! 

The Pendelton X Nike Air Jordan 8 - Fall leaves, - WAY too crispy for the trees, - catch yours just a few days out!! 

Apple Cider and a pair of N7 Pendleton's to go please!!!!!!! 


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