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The Rise And Fall Of Ed Hardy: A Case Study In Over-Saturation

Ed Hardy, no matter if you're a child of my generation or a zoomer, we all know the patented signature logo. Thanks to a recent resurgence, Ed Hardy has ingratiated itself with the newer generation, all be it on a smaller, more retro level. Despite including this in the rise and fall of a streetwear brand series, I gotta ad the disclaimer that Ed Hardy is not stretwear, it never has been streetwear and never even tried to be. But they did occupy an interesting spot in couture, at a moment when genre lines were meshing and something new was in the process of being born. But what roll exactly did Ed Hardy play in the streetwear movement and what was the reason for their fall off? Well, lets find out. I'm Nate the Great from and this is the rise and fall and sorta rise again of Ed Hardy.


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