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The Samsung Galaxy Fold! - "Genuis Innovation" or Early Tech Problem Child!?

So many of us drooled, dreamed, saved our life savings and ultimately held out for one of the modern tech eras hottest drops since the full liquid screen / tablet phone movement introduction dating only a few seasons back!

I mean how dope would it be to talk to your mom or boss on the left side of your phone while simultaneously snapping a group pic or monitoring the Clippers playoff game on the other!? - Once only a mere fantasy, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has reached 

the known universe but the question on many consumers mind is, is it really worth the price and the pain of its recent "divine" arrival!?

Well, we want to know what you think!?.. An absolutely irresistible screen setup, all the apps system management and upgrades you could ever want, a one of a kind split screen and a foldable middle region to show off to the all the self righteous "I dummies" at the work space, - it initially sounded like an ingenious endeavor right!?? 

Ummmm mayyybeee.. yet directly on the cusp of the new release, many users are having immediate problems with the innovative fold within 24 hours of ownership. Numerous reports are being submitted of the plastic separation and screen failure present at the middle folding mark of the phone at minimal use. Headache? Ah yea, at almost 2000.00 US a pop, a personal "fold failure" can potentially be a hassle in a myriad of ways!! Warranties - of course, return policies, absolutely but the emotional deflate and let down of such a "marketably" amped endeavor leaves the "jolly" and "skipper" business man / business woman quite discontent with such high manufacturer original expectations!!

What do you guys think? Is the Samsung Galaxy Fold "Genius innovation or early manufacturer "over eager" problem child!? -- Is she genuinely worth the hard earned 2k, a return and a fixed/adjusted unit via Samsung or is it on to the next platform for security, efficiency and convenience sake!?

Survey Sayssss!????   

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