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The Yeezy Scuba Boot! - The New Kanye West "Kind" "Sole"

Shark foot!? Shark sock!? Techno feet? Or just Kanye West and his latest model of Ye' West World illumination and inspiration!? We'll definitely take the latter!!!

Welcome to the fold the all new underground Yeezy Scuba Boot via AdidasXYe'!!! Fresh out of Ye's grand motif Spring Papparazi files, the Yeezy Scuba Boot is a brand new space age manifestation of Adidas and Kanye's latest premium thoughts and meditation!

High powered loose synthetic surrounds the overall landscape of the new Yeez' project as a "higher minded" streamline stitching pattern and thin sole cap the bottom end! Kanye was first seen silently debuting his latest toys about a month ago as he was spotted in his neighborhood of Calabasas rockin' the new moon walk editions!

Release date information hasn't been shared quite as yet but expect a seismic shift in the common day to day Gucci slide and oversized casual shoe movement for sure! - Just mentioning the term Yeezy gets everyone's blood turning!

Look for the new Yeezy Scuba to debut shortly and prepare for a new world in the streetwear / high fashion shoe dept! - Ye looks to have recreated yet again another "Kind Sole". 


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