Tinker Hatfield Jordan Diamond Mid" // "Jordan Diamond Classsy

Skyscrapers,The Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls, The Seven Wonders of the World - it's natural "extravagance", true elegance, "art at work", and "high passion" in motion. 

Tinker Hatfield, - another "7 world wonder" with a fingerprint ALL TOO elegant to leave out of creation! His newest creation - the CRAZEEEEE' Jordan Diamond Mid! Fully equipped with all the natural elements that make an award winning Jordan product, the Diamond carries all the Hatfield trims and triggers specialy treated with the newest out of the "TINK TANK THINK TANK! 

Black, White and Berry do the color treatment while an extra special middle tower runs up the mid sole all the way to the rear deck. New Jumpman tags sneak up on you all over the boot as well while custom cut perforated breathable mesh dominates the upper level! Diamond classy for the hardwood or an even brighter presentation for the sideline autographs, it's a diamond Jordan cut you certainly want in the jewelry box!

Drop date TBA - for now, pick em up, spin em around, watch em sparkle and enjoy all the sharp angles!! 

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