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Top 10 Biggest Rap Trolls In The History of Hip Hop | The Art Of Rap Trolling

What are #raptrolls ? Rappers like Lil Nas X and 50 Cent have used rap trolling tactics to perfection. To fully answer that question we have to first look at at how #internettrolling works.

Rap trolling is not a new Phenomena, it dates back further than you may think. But let’s cover what exactly is considered an internet troll?

Urban dictionary describes it as such: Someone who takes pleasure in causing drama by arguing with people without wanting or accepting anyone's response, also known as a "Justin"

In the entertainment industry, rappers have been known to do anything for clout, or likes, or laughs all of which they hope will translate into album sales, and rapper trolling has proven to be a great way to generate attention. In this video we will list 10 of the biggest rap trolls in history.

Rappers that took the phrase, any publicity is good publicity realllllly far.

Trolling in rap is nothing new, it dates all the way back to the Beastie Boys’ Mike D, who famously wore a Volkswagen emblem on a chain in the 1980s as a jab at the Mercedes Benz logo craze going on at that time. But today, tons of rappers have taken advantage of the power of rap trolling. Rappers like Tyler the Creator, 50 Cent, Lil B, Takashi 69 and Lil Nas X, in this video we breakdown the story on all these guys and how they have mastered the art of rap trolling.


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