Top 10 Rapper Sneakers That We Forgot About

Kanye west, Travis Scott, Pharell, if you're under the age of 25 or so you may think these guys pioneered the rapper endorsed/hyped sneaker craze. Though you have to admit, these 3 among a few others have taken the trend to the next level, but they are far from the 1st ro do it.

Ever since Run DMC popularized and staned for the shell toe adidas, as we touched on in our history of hip hop fashion video. Fans have flocked to stores to mimic and replicate the head to toe ascetic of their fav rapper. Over time, a select few rappers began to wisen up, not only wearing and marketing the hottest new sneakers, but creating them, undoubtably netting a larger slice of the profit pie.

Between Jay-Z’s S.Carter collection with Reebok in the early 2000s to the Tyler the Creators of today—rappers’ influence in the world of footwear has only gotten bigger over the years.

Now, it seems as if every notable rapper has some sort of endorsement deal or collaboration with a major sneaker company. The aforementioned Tyler, The Creator has worked with both Vans and Converse, Drake has released multiple pairs of Air Jordans under his OVO brand, and Pharrell has helped push Adidas’ NMD sneakers to new heights with his Human Race collaboration.

But these are the notable cases, now lets jump into the list and run down a few you may not have known about.

10. Public Enemy

Supreme released a highly obscure PE logo Vans pack, getting in long before the current wave of rapper sneakers. Word has it the design just may return in some form for a forthcoming collab with the iconic rap group.

9. Nas

Back in 2007 Nas joined forces with 310 Motoring for a selection of footwear known as the Disciple Collection. Nas's Disciple shoe borrowed design cues from several classic models, and was released in a number of designs featuring reptile skin, and all-over prints. The shoe hard as it is to believe is remained available on a number of online outlet stores well through out 2014.

8. De La Soul

Though the Nike SB Dunk has been attempting a comeback with the recent news of the "Walk the Dog" colorway, they had fallen off for a while. But there was a time when they were probably the 2nd most popular sneaker to Jordans. At the height of the hype they teamed up with retro Long Island greats, De La Soul. Which resulted in crazy mash up resembling a mixture of ninja turtle Michelangelo and old school NYC Subway graffiti. The high top versions featured a white colorway and images from the group on the good ol days.

7. MF Doom

Keeping it going with the SB Dunk, in 2007 Nike entered a colab with enigmatic masked rapper MF Doom. During the hay day of the Dunk they dropped tons of colorways, and the MF Doom edition has long been a personal fav of mine. MF Doom himself was never really big on sneakers or materialism as a whole for that matter, but for whatever reason they decided to work together it resulted in a nice shoe.

6. Swizz Beats

This one is a bit sketchy, though Swizz Beats does not and has never had a signature shoe, he did sign on with Reebok on 2010. So What exactly does he do for Reebok? Who knows, but there's no doubt that their Classics division has been cranking out heat since bringing him aboard.

5. Snoop Dog

These days we see Uncle Snoop's face everywhere, so much so that it sometimes seems a bit like no matter what is being haucked, if they have the check they have Snoop. But, but there's an authentic feel to his partnership with adidas Originals. Not only does he rep hard for the 3 stripes, Perhaps not as hard as Kanye but still.

He's also taking on new roles within the company , recently he was named adidas' new Director of Football Development. Which if you've seen the Coach Snoop Netflix show, you know Snoop gets pretty serious about his football.

4. Jay Z

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