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Weekly Muse: "The Gift". Damaris Lopez. BLOWTORCH HOTT

Weekly Muse: Damaris Lopez

You remember when you were growing up and your "A1 art teacher" would keep telling you "DO NOT color outside the lines"... Well when the Gods ordered Ms. Damaris Lopez and delivered her to Lawerence, MA, creation and design destroyed EVERY rule in that book. - Need we say any more? Damaris Lopez ladies and gentlemen... BLOWTORCH HOT!!! 

We could talk gigantic victorious Instagram numbers or simply irresistibly favored Twitter feed collections but when the Shi$ hits the fan, Ms. Damaris Lopez swallows conversation in a black hole only to leave her mark and extremely distinctive image as a single gifted silhouette!  


And yea it gets better, appearances for #Drake, Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz and the likes, Damaris is yet another special "Lopez" that burns every camera angle, lens and corner shot. "Cute" is a four letter word, "gift" is a small town angel with the last name Lopez, but #BADDIE fits this girl perfectly!! She's damn near BLOWTORCH HOTT! - Pssssssssst, heey - need a light...!?

Weekly Muse: Damaris Lopez



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